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If we can’t solve your menswear problems, then nobody can!

Frits Measuring a Suit

We hope you enjoy these tips on how to maximise the lifetime of your quality menswear. For more tips and ideas, drop by our store in St Kilda Road in Melbourne to meet Frits.

After Care
If you have a food spot or other mark on your garment, press Blu Tack on it firmly 20 times and the spot will either disappear or become far less visible. Keep an eye out for wear and tear in your trousers, particularly in the fork where the legs meet. Before a hole appears, bring your trousers to us and we will reinforce the fork in our unique way, so that you can get more wear out of your suit.

Colour Coordination
For colour coordination advice in menswear, which we offer as a free service, please visit our store in St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Feel free to ask us any menswear related questions. It is very likely that we know the answer. If not, we will do whatever we can, to find out..

Prevention of Creasing in Garments
Wear your suit one day and give it a rest the next day. This way you can prevent it from wearing out prematurely. Creases will virtually drop out during the rest.

Drycleaning Garments
Delay dry-cleaning your suits for as long as possible. Instead, refresh your suits by hanging them outside (but not in direct sunlight). If they need a press, ask the dry-cleaner to press them carefully. Do not dry-clean a suit when it only needs pressing. We collect garments daily to send to our dry cleaner and offer a same-day turnaround service if you bring your outfit before 9.15am.

When you travel, place socks inside the shoulders of your jacket to prevent them from being crushed in your suitcase. Place underwear or socks where you fold over the jacket. The same principle applies to folding your trousers. To save space in your suitcase use the cavities in your shoes for ties (rolled up not folded) socks, belt and underwear.